Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
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Teaching Year 5 & 6 Children
vital memory skills


Just wanted to send a message and say how impressed I am with all the materials on the website.  We feel developing memory skills is a priority at our school, and your materials have given such a clear structure in how to implement this in school.  Thank you!

Anna (Cvijetic)
Headteacher at Crowle Primary Academy

“The competition created excitement that ran through the school and so much so other year groups now want to have access to the materi­als and tests. There was a real buzz around the place. The children’s learning was enhanced and the children linked everything to the meth­ods given, always creating fun and enjoyable ways of remembering things. We will definitely be involved again next year!”

Ken Baker, Year 6 Teacher, Haddenham Junior School, Bucks

“This boost in confidence and achievement can be applied to all our children who entered the JMC. To suddenly find that they can remember a long string of numbers or words, that initially they thought impossible, absolutely blew them away! They were thrilled with what they learnt how to do using the techniques they were taught.”

Elizabeth Reynolds, Year 6 Teacher, Lacey Gardens School

“Thanks once again for hosting this fascinat­ing project and competition. Our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different memory strategies, and they all agree that they will con­tinue to benefit from these skills in Year 7 and beyond”

Joanna Moe, Learning Support/Learn­ing Enhancement Teacher, The Red Maids’ School, Bristol

“It never ceases to amaze me that children can become so engaged in the variety of activities. This is the third year I have entered my school and having produced the previous two winners, it was great that a third place was achieved this year. Now working in a different school, with a different set of children, it is clear that the ben­efits of entering the JMC, is more far reaching than one can imagine. It shows that all children have the capability to develop memory skills and, under pressure, produce tremendous re­sults. I am delighted with the school’s achieve­ment this year and look forward to next year’s championship.”

Ashley Winters, Head Master, Lodge Farm Primary School, Willenhall, West Midlands.

“The memory training sessions have inspired my class to think creatively and imaginatively about how to improve their memories. We have had bags of fun in these lessons and I have seen a real improvement in the children’s memories.”

Alan Hodgkinson, Arnold Junior School, Blackpool, Lancashire.

“The competition and training fits in with the shifting paradigm within schools - that of focussing upon the learner, their needs and how we can improve their learning. Pupils enjoyed the sessions and were very curious about the psychology and the research behind the tech­niques. They found many of the strategies fun and they were quick to incorporate them and personalise them. I will sign up next year. I would like to do an INSET for staff.”

Andrew Raspin, G & T Coordinator, Hymers College, Hull

“This year, for the first time, our Year 6 children have taken part in the Junior Memory Cham­pionship. This involved a test where incredible feats of memory were required. I have been thoroughly impressed by what the children have been able to achieve.”

Andy Taylor, Year 6 Teacher, Stockport Grammar Junior School

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