Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
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The Nationwide Memory Championship for Primary Schools now going into its 10th year.

The Junior Memory Championship goes International!
The Learning Skills Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the Asian Junior Memory Championship™.

Following ten successful years in the UK, the LSF’s national memory competition for primary school children is spreading its wings and taking the challenge to schools in Asia.

Working in partnership with the Singapore Scholastic Trust, the Junior Memory ChampionshipTM is now open to children all around Asia.

As in the UK, teachers will be supported to train their children in a range of powerful memory strategies. An online competition will reveal the strongest learners in each Asian country, then the national champions will meet in Bangkok, Thailand in July to compete for the title of Asian Junior Memory Champion 2018.

There are even plans in place to get the top children from Asia competing directly with their counterparts from the UK.

The JMC’s Founder, former World Memory Champion Jonathan Hancock, will also be leading the Asian Junior Memory Championship, working hand-in-hand with Henry Ong, a key figure in education in Asia and organiser of one of the largest international academic contests.

Jonathan explains: “I am delighted to be working with Henry and his team at the Singapore Scholastic Trust, bringing the Junior Memory Championship to Asia. For a decade now we’ve seen what a difference these vital skills can make to children in the UK, and I’m thrilled to be bringing the challenge to Asia - where I am sure we can have an equally profound impact.”

Jonathan will be coaching teachers in Asia to train their students in the learning techniques that made him World Champion and helped him to a First Class degree from Oxford University. He will show them how to equip their children with the very best memory strategies, ready to be used in the different categories of the competition - and in every subject of their school curriculum.

Henry Ong is the President of Singapore Scholastic Trust, a non-profit foundation which supports world class international academic contests in a range of subject-areas. He created the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO), the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) and the International Junior Mathematics Olympiad (IJMO). This time, Henry’s goal is to help launch the Junior Memory Championship in as many Asian countries as possible. He will also begin acting as an Adviser to the JMC in the UK.

Henry says: “This is not just a competition, but an act of empowering and training teachers effectively, so they can in return train their students to succeed in education and life.”

Caroline Shott, CEO of the Learning Skills Foundation, says: “Children love a challenge, and this is one that can change their lives, exciting and inspiring them to make memory skills central to their success - in school and in all the years to come. The JMC is well-established in the UK, and now we have really high hopes for this partnership with SST and our new competition across Asia.”

The Asian Junior Memory Championship is now open for registrations, with all schools invited to participate. Contact details:
Academic Director: Miss Mathini Segar; Ph:
8858 9639
Digital Marketing/Events Executive: Pooja Shankar; Email: prdmsst@gmail.com

Meanwhile the UK’s Junior Memory Championship is enrolling schools for its tenth year of competition, allowing children to show the country - and now the world - just what they can do! Teachers can register to take part and get all the support they need at
www.juniormemorychampionship.com <http://www.juniormemorychampionship.com>

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