Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
Sponsored by the Learning Skills Foundation®

The Nationwide Memory Championship for Primary Schools now going into its 10th year.

“Memory is the first stage of learning, and the individuals who learn most readily are those that combine a great memory with a capacity for analytic thinking"

Good luck with the championship this year.

Professor Sue Gathercole OBE, Cognitive Psychologist specialising in Memory, Learning and Language.
Director of MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge

The Junior Memory Championship™ goes International!

The Learning Skills Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the Asian Junior Memory Championship™.

Following ten successful years in the UK, the LSF’s national memory competition for primary school children is spreading its wings and taking the challenge to schools in Asia.


Registration for
UK Junior Memory Championship™
is now open. 

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Nilani gives her Dad a Fathers' Day to Remember!

Nilani Sutharshan was one of 17 finalists who had congregated in London from all over the UK. These were the top performers in a series of memory tests taken by thousands of children online. Since September they had been all been following a specially-written training programme, preparing to take part in The Junior Memory Championship - organised by The Learning Skills Foundation.

The Junior Memory Championship is a pioneering educational project from The Learning Skills Foundation®.

Now going into its tenth year, the competition promotes memory techniques in schools, working with teachers to introduce pupils to the benefits of powerful learning strategies.

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Headteacher Update
Teaching Memory Skills
“The latest primary national curriculum requires children to retain facts and figures about humanities, know all their times tables, recall technical terminology about English, learn new languages, master complex calculation methods - and sit formal tests in which they have to work independently and perform under pressure.”
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All the children made at least four average point score (APS) progress, while 80% of them made more than four APS progress and that is across reading, writing and maths.”

Ashley Winters, Headteacher of Brownmead Academy, Birmingham

Innovate My School
Memory strategies: Helping children learn to learn
As a Primary school teacher, I’m increasingly aware of the vast amount of information and the wide range of skills that today’s children need to remember. And whatever the subject, exercise or activity we’re doing, I’m always on the lookout for one particular breakthrough moment: the point when a pupil stops talking about what they’re going to remember and starts telling me how they’re going to remember it.”
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"Memory Skills may soon be king" by Richard Vaughan featuring the Junior Memory Championship.  Issue date 16th November 2012. Click the image to see the content

Could you remember 34 random numbers, 35 words in precise order, and achieve a perfect 40 out of 40 on a names and faces test - each feat achieved after just 5 minutes of study?  This is what was achieved by the winner of this year’s Junior Memory Championship.

"Memory Tricks and Techniques to boost Students' Learning"

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